Camrose Trophy Overall

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Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland76.5266.40142.92 1
England England73.8056.03129.83 2
Wales Wales53.3457.82111.16 3
SBU SBU41.1257.3098.42 4
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland32.9532.5165.46 5
Scotland Scotland20.2729.9450.21 6

Cross Table of Completed Matches in Second Weekend

Republic of IrelandWalesSBUEnglandNorthern IrelandScotlandTotalPos
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland15.765.9115.5018.3710.8666.40 1
Wales Wales4.2415.634.7618.3714.8257.82 2
SBU SBU14.094.3713.1210.2215.5057.30 3
England England4.5015.246.8812.9516.4656.03 4
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland1.631.639.787.0512.4232.51 5
Scotland Scotland9.145.184.503.547.5829.94 6


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