The Camrose Home Internationals — Second Weekend

The #CamroseTrophy is coming.

Details of Weekend 1 are on the EBU web site.

The standings and VP totals after the first weekend were as follows:

  1. Republic of Ireland (76.52)
  2. England (73.80)
  3. Wales (53.34)
  4. SBU (41.12)
  5. Northern Ireland (32.95)
  6. Scotland (20.27)

The Venue

Holiday Inn, Edinburgh 

HOLIDAY INN Edinburgh,
132 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh, EH12 6UA, Scotland.
Direct Tel. 0871 942 9026
Web site

How to Get Involved

Everyone is invited to spectate at the bridge event of the year in Scotland! East District is hosting the Camrose Trophy. Some of the matches will be featured live on BridgeBase Online (BBO) VuGraph but why not come along to Edinburgh and watch the play in the Open Room?

Tournament Officials

SBU Officials